1. Reader – Kindle, i-Pad, and Nook


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Some people great interest and for some to keep themselves just busy can carry kindle or ipad kind of devices on which you can read books. These are light weight and easy to carry

2. Eye Mask


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Use of eye mask during long flights is useful for a person to sleep faster. These are comfortable to carry and blocks unwanted light.


3. Earplugs or Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise cancelling headfones

Some People travel a lot and get tired easily so using headphones while travelling it will block the unwanted noise and keep a person brain calm and one can have peaceful sleep

4. Hand Towel or Sanitizing Wipes


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Hygiene is must while travelling. Always keep your towel or wet wipes to keep your face and hands clean and avoid using public towels for anti-bacterial protection

5. Medicine for Headache or Sleep Aids


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Must keep your personal medicines in your carry bag. Jet lags or constant travelling might cause headache so carry medicine for eg. headache, sleep aids.


6. Neck Pillow


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Even if you are away from home you can have a comfortable peaceful sleep with the help of a neck pillow. These neck pillows helps to relieve pain, headache and stiffness while travelling

7. Music or Movies


You can carry your own interest music and movies in case you do not like the ones existing in planes. As watching movies and listing music is favorite time pass.

8. Tooth Brush


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Remember to carry your tooth paste in your carry bag while travelling especially for long flights.

9. Power bank Charger


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Keep your power bank charger with you so that your phone is always charged for using

10. Chewing Gum or Candies

chewing gum

You can keep chewing gum or candies. On board stomach problems can also occur & for that chewing or candies are must.

11. Shawl or Large Scarf


The constant air conditioner can be a problem to your body, so carry shawl or long scarf.




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