1. Guru Ka Lungar- Harmandir Sahib


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Guru Nanak Devji initiated tradition of serving langer. Many women, men and children participate and serve langer to the people. Women prepare meals or say Parsada is served to everyone present there.

On an Average almost 75,000 people consume langer in Golden Temple and the most magical thing about this langar is that the quality of people is just double on special occasions.


2. Sucha Singh Kulche Wale


Sucha Singh is one of the expert chefs, famous in Amritsar’s rustic by lanes, out to please the discerning. Sucha Singh da dhaba serves aloo launji, sarason ka saag straight from the ovens kulcha, missi roti, and lachhedar chotti paronthi.

3. Kanha Sweets


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Sunday Morning delights, beautiful taste of poori and lonzy is the best breakfast on Sunday. Kanha is the place u want to jump in. It’s a small joint where u get its speciality puri-lonzy-channa with fantastic sweet lassi. Try the phirni and halwa available.


4. Kesar Dhaba


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Kesar Dhaba goes back nearly a century. The laccha paranthas are crisp yet tender, Dal Makhani simmering for 24 hours and comes with dollops of ghee, lassi is served in a tall brass glass. The famous phirni served in earthen bowls. That’s a short mouthwatering menu of Kesar Dhaba.


5. Ram Lubhaya & Sons

ram lubhaya

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A very famous and not to miss is the sweet and salty amazing Aam Papads. These are available in many varieties.  Beside from taste, aam papar keeps ones digestive system good.


6. Makhan Fish Corner


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If you are fish lover you will love this place. One of the best place to have Veg & Non- Veg.


7. Surjan Singh Lassi Wale

surjan lassi

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Bigger and heavy with lots of malai, makkan, etc. If your are in Amritsar must try “lassi” with Surjan Singh lassi wale which is around 70 years old in Amritsar.


8. Prakash Meat Shop


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Since 1968 Parkash Dhaba is serving authentic and delicious food. Its taste smells from the hard work of our Fore-Fathers which attracts you all from Ludhiana and in other Cities.


9. Gurdas Ram Jalebi wale


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The most delicious mouth watering crisp, round dipped in pure desi ghee is the famous jalebi in Amritsar. One should never miss to taste the crossing place is known as Jalebi Chowk


10. Pal Dhaba


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Must Try Pal Dhaba in Amritsar for Non veg lovers. Pal Dhaba is famous for his Mutton dishes.








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